You will be surprised to learn these 12 mysterious things of work.

Compilation: Aniruddha Joshi ‘Shatayu’ religion and science have exposed the many mysteries of the world. In this age of science and technology, everything is now possible. Knowledge of human life has increased beforehand. But despite this knowledge the person’s thinking is still medieval. Despite being so knowledgeable, he has become stupid and foolish.
Well, we want to tell you that in today’s scientific era there are such things which have now almost been curtain up or rising. Will you want to know those things, give new ideas to your thinking, or will you turn your eyes confused by the logic of argument again? We want to tell you only about you here, 12 such mysterious things that you will be surprised to know …

The future of thoughts: Lord Buddha says that whatever you are today, is the result of your previous thoughts. Thoughts become objects. Its direct meaning is that as we think, we create the future. The same thing has been said in The Secret, and this is what has been said in Dhammapada, Geeta, Ginsu and Yoga Sutra. This is called the law of today’s science attraction.
We know the world only from the five senses and there is no other way. Whatever eclipse has a deep effect on his mind and mind. With that effect ‘Chitta’ is created and is constantly going to change. Understanding this mind will make you understand the game of your life. Most people have now understood this and lived in good condition, atmosphere and people. They are also going to change meditation or positive motivation classes to change their thinking.
Scientists say that about 60 thousand views come in 24 hours in the human brain. Most of them are negative. Negative thoughts are heavy, then the future will be the same, and if there are mixed ideas then mixed future will be. Most people keep watching negative films, serials and songs, so their mind and brain are built up. They start thinking the same by reading dirty or detective novels. Nowadays there are internet, where all kinds of negative things can be found. The news channels keep showing negative stories throughout the day, seeing that the mind and brain of the society are getting worse.