October 13, 2021

These five northeast states are now coronavirus-free


After Goa, Manipur became the second state in India to be COVID-19 free. The state’s second and last patient was discharged last week, but will still be under surveillance according to officials.

Arunachal Pradesh

Itanagar has a testing facility, like five of its neighbours, and are now focusing on strengthening infrastructure of 10 hospitals across the state.


Even though the state is coronavirus-free, the government has not withdrawn the lockdown but has relaxed it in some areas. It is also mandatory for citizens to wear a face mask.


The state has not reported any cases so far and has been lauded by the prime minister for preventing the outbreak. Their work and efforts have also helped the Centre in tackling the disease.


Nagaland also has not reported any cases, although a native has tested positive in Assam and is undergoing treatment in Guwahati.

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